We are blessed to have a great flock of laying hens.  They consist of two Buff Orpingtons, two Plymouth Rocks, and our newest additions, seven Rhode Island Reds.  The eggs taste amazing and it is truly wonderful to send the children out to gather eggs for whatever we are cooking or baking at the time!   

Isabel holding "the rooster" who is really a hen but
nicknamed that because she is very feisty!

Melina and Noah's morning job is to throw corn scratch to the chickens.
The two Buff Orpingtons, Lucy and Henny, rule the roost and get their share first.

Melina and Isabel had the job of playing "mother hen" when
the chicks were little.  We would let the chicks out a few times a
day so they wouldn't get "cooped up!" They are now big enough
to be out alone and be safe from the hawks.