Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome to Cultivating Faithfulness!  

The babies enjoying some play time! 

     What an exciting kidding season it is already!  We have been blessed tremendously with smooth deliveries for all our goats.  The result: two healthy bucklings as well as six healthy doelings!  We have one more doe due to kid in early May and soon work will start on a new pen for the wonderful additions.

Isabel and Eleazar (our first Oberhasli buck.)

     We choose to leave our kids with the dams for one week and then bottle feed them for the next three months. (Nothing is cuter than a baby goat with a scrunched up nose on the bottle!)  Bottle feeding them is a lot of work in the beginning but we feel it allows us to monitor the health of the goat better as well as get them fond of us so they will be overall easier to handle and also comfortable with us in the show ring.

Our version of "goat races."
    We try to let the "kids" out every day for some exercise. You wouldn't believe how fast baby goats are or the skill at which they are able to turn and avoid collisions!  This is truly one of the highlights of the day for our human kids and visitors as well.

Feel free to give us a call and set up a time to bottle feed and/or exercise with the goats as well!

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