Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Bright Idea for a Bright Birthday Smile!

Today is the day! It is Isabel's birthday and a day to make her feel special.  In our house, that means two things are certain: she decides on which home made meal she is going to have mom make for her "birthday dinner" and an ice cream run to our favorite $1.20 a cone establishment will definitely be made!

I am always trying to think of ways to make them feel loved on their set apart day. Among my favorites things to do are to decorate all above their bed when they are asleep, block the top of their doorway with crate paper, or make big home made signs that hang from their ceiling. This way they know before they walk out of their room and see me, that I regard them and this day as a something to celebrate!

Thanks to a package Isabel received in the mail from her Aunt Kristin yesterday, we have another way to do this! Following a tradition set by her mother when she was little, Aunt Kristin sent Isabel a home made Happy Birthday Pillowcase! The instructions included to put in on her pillow the night before her special day this year and every year hereafter. This way she wakes up with smiles and a feeling of being special every birthday.

What a great idea and one that is easy to do and share! Pillowcases are simple to make and inexpensive to send.  Not only would these be great for your own kids but how about surprising your niece or nephew across the miles with a personalized gift?  Ideas for a baseball one for my nephew, Hello Kitty for my niece, and more are already swirling and Isabel hasn't even taken her head off her pillowcase this morning!

Follow these links to find instructions and a video on how to make a simple, beautiful pillowcase using the "hot dog" method.

Printed Instruction:

Video Tutorial:

May you be blessed with bright birthday smiles!

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