Sunday, June 7, 2015

Field of Faithfulness

Field of Faithfulness Farm
Pasture Grazed ~ Sustainably Raised ~ Organically Fed Dairy Goat Products

The new season has officially started at Field of Faithfulness Farm!  Though our underlying principles remain the same, we have a new name and a modified approach as we continue implementing the vision for our farm.  We are excited about the positive impact we hope to achieve for the health of our animals and the quality of our products.
At the forefront, we have transitioned all our dairy goats to soy-free, certified organic feed.  A recent scientific study by the University of Naples (Italy)[1] found that dams fed genetically engineered soybeans exhibited changes in the composition of their milk and the weight of their kids was significantly reduced.  With the increasing number of articles highlighting the negative potential and realized impacts of genetically modified foods and pesticides on humans and animals, we have turned to organic feed.
This season will also mark one year since we implemented a free range foraging program for our goats.  Last year we seeded two plots with summer and winter pasture mixes designed to meet the dietary needs of dairy goats.  Our goats enjoy foraging the fresh pastures daily.
Due to popular demand, we have increased the number of layer hens, whose eggs will be available for purchase in the fall.  Our hens are also fed soy-free, certified organic grains. 
We are grateful for our customers’ support over the past several years, and we are delighted to continuing implementing this vision so we can provide you and other local families with quality products. 
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[1]R. Tudisco R., CalabrĂ² S. Cutrignelli M.I., Moniello G., Grossi M., Mastellone V., Lombardi P., Pero M., Infascelli F. (2015) Genetically modified soybean in a goat diet: Influence on kid performance , Small Ruminant Res., from

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